What to expect from the all new Veeva Brand Portals

With Veeva’s all new Brand Portals coming as part of their big 17R3 release in December, here’s our sneak peek of the most exciting features that are set to be unveiled.

What is a Veeva Brand Portal?

The Brand Portals will be offered as part of the current Vault licence fee and will support multiple brand levels, making it possible to have an above-brand portal with security rights for different users to the brands below that level.

What does this mean in practice? Ultimately, a single central source of global brand materials that maximises content reuse and compliance visibility. This content can then be accessed via a lower level affiliate Brand Portal where localised and approved versions can be held, accessed and reused.

Add in the ability to customise logos and colour schemes and the new Brand Portal will offer a much more bespoke, brand oriented user experience.

The Portal will also be available for Med Comms and Value Comms (Promomats) vaults, with all Vault content being accessible via these Portals. Users with access to multiple Portals land on a Portal Selector page at login and can select the Portal they want to enter from there. These Portals have the potential to become a one stop shop for many key communications projects such as Value Communications Toolkits. Keeping everything in one place and reducing the admin and compliance burden dangles the tempting potential of significant savings for Pharma. This is especially true when compared to the alternative of building and hosting such tools on various disparate generic platforms such as SharePoint, Joomla and Huddle.


Screenshot of Veeva Brand Portals


What will a Veeva Brand Portal be like to use?

This time around Veeva have really gone all out to create a bespoke user experience by introducing a number of useful new widgets and tools. Here’s the low-down on the new features.


A slide carousel provides quick access to documents in an intuitive fashion.


A series of top level filters form a quick access toolbar for direct links to relevant materials:

  • Announcements
  • Market Access
  • Presentations
  • References
  • Videos

Highlighted materials

Further sections of the portal home page offer rapid retrieval of relevant information and ability for brand managers to direct representatives and affiliates to the items of interest.

Featured items

These are items specifically curated by the brand team.

Most popular

Automatically generated by analysis of Vault downloads.

Recently added

Automatically generated by date of upload.

Each item has a state and classification with colour coding, e.g. green for “Approved for Distribution”. This allows rapid assembly of a presentation using the most appropriate materials.


Brand managers can set announcements on their page, alerting users to updates, perhaps highlighting new or prime content.


There is a search facility to find materials containing a given text or tag (provided the content is semantic).

Results are presented in a Tile view to allow for rapid identification of the correct asset.
Faceted Search allows for filtering of the results to narrow down to the area required (e.g. CLM Presentations, Market Access Materials, References).

It is also possible to filter by owner, reviewer, country, status and product. So for example you could specify all UK materials for Cholecap which are waiting for approval and have Joe Brown as the reviewer.

Document metrics

Vault now allows capture of metrics on viewing, downloading and rendition downloads of materials from Vault.

  • Total document activities
  • Total downloads
  • Total copies
  • Usage by channel (E.g. each brand accessing common materials – helicopter view)
  • Most popular document types
  • Most popular documents
  • Most active users

These metrics are available in an easy-to-view dashboard.

Referencing in Vault

All references are now linked up – blue highlights in the rendition within Vault connect up to the source reference document that will appear in a popup window. The specific aspect of a reference document will be found, with no need to switch into annotation mode or review one by one in the annotation pane.

It’s also now possible to link internally to a document, in the same manner as using # anchors in HTML pages.

Bookmarks now connect directly to the area in the document where the bookmark was placed. These features enable users to navigate large and unwieldy documents much more quickly and easily.

Are Veeva Brand Portals a positive development?

With these enhancements, Veeva have moved away from Vault being a simple repository with a user interface geared towards more IT-savvy users. It is now possible to create an attractive, intuitive and easy to access portal to pull together content that is accessible to all. Veeva Brand Portals looks set to maximise the benefits of a single source approach to digital asset management and further streamline the creation-approval-distribution cycle – a development that Pharma has been crying out for. We’re sure that the team at twentyeightb won’t be the only ones looking forward to Veeva rolling this out in December.

For more information look out for Veeva’s Brand Portal Public Education Webinar to be held this January 2018. Or if you’re interested in learning more about the services that we offer as Veeva CLM development specialists, feel free to get in touch with our team of experts.

Introducing Veeva CRM MyInsights

What is Veeva CRM MyInsights?

Veeva CRM MyInsights is a new module for Veeva designed to deliver “Tailored real-time insights at the point of execution to drive better decisions”.

MyInsights provides access on the iPad itself to data ordinarily only visible at the back-end via expensive Business Intelligence tools and reports. Veeva CRM MyInsights is bundled with the standard Veeva CRM license which means if your reps currently use Veeva iRep then you also have access to Veeva CRM MyInsights.

Its open Application Programming Interface (API) and synchronisation engine give users the ability to carry around data from Veeva, or the underlying Salesforce platform, and receive updates whenever they can find a network connection, as well as integrating the results of their own activity in real time.

By engaging with your Veeva CRM MyInsights approved developer you can give your field force beautiful, intuitive and engaging dashboards that have the potential to inform and empower them to be even more effective in their territory planning, key account management and 1:1 calls with their customers.

What are the benefits?

Real-time insight

Veeva CRM MyInsights empowers your field force to analyse their own data directly on the iPad before or after a call. Reducing the duration of the feedback cycle and closing the loop in real time means reps can see the results and act on them there and then.

Real-time access to data means a rep could be informed as they walk into a meeting that five minutes earlier the HCP was reading up on the drug they are about to present.

Consistent information delivery

Veeva CRM MyInsights provides a single source for all data. Field forces can access their MyInsights report in the same place they look at their account details, call history and plan their day; and there’s no need to manually correlate data from multiple different tools, which may not all be consistent with each other if their update cycles are not synchronised.

Integration with other channels means the reports can highlight to a rep if a given HCP has accessed materials via another channel. For example, if the HCP has been looking at a particular drug’s Prescribing Information, if this had been captured by the Salesforce cloud underpinning Veeva this information could be made available to the rep in order to inform the upcoming conversation.

Flexible technology

Industry standard technology allows for massive flexibility in layout and design – anything that can be done on a web page can be done in Veeva CRM MyInsights. There are a number of existing dashboards provided with Veeva, but as they’ve been written using open standards, they can be customised to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

The depth of data analysis is not limited, although the recommendation would be to keep it light. Analysis can provide recommendations for the channels and messages which resonate most with a given type of customer.

Custom report layouts

This allows you to target the information reps require, where and when they need it. By using the flexibility inherent in an HTML5 presentation, data can be presented in multiple formats and using multiple analysis methods. For example, a territory manager may be interested in a cross-sectional view of data by area; a representative may wish to see a timeline view of their interactions with a specific HCP; and the team as a whole may be interested in a longitudinal analysis of overall trends in the franchise area. Reports can be account based or territory based.

The flexibility of the HTML reporting means your Veeva CRM MyInsights accredited developer can produce a wide range of dashboards. They can even be interactive, allowing reps to filter and drill down into the data to find the insights they need the most.

Heads Up: Veeva have just announced the Sunrise User Interface for Veeva CRM, combining MyInsights dashboards and intuitive user interface design to deliver powerful insights and more productive reps. Coming Summer 2018!

What can it look like?

Product sales trends reports
Veeva CRM MyInsights Product Sales Trends Reports
KOL Profiles
Veeva CRM MyInsights KOL Profiles
Territory level call activity filtered by product
Veeva CRM MyInsights Territory Level Call Activity
Territory level dashboard visualising specific multichannel activity, e.g. approved email
Veeva CRM MyInsights Territory Level Dashboard
Account level insights into call activity
Veeva CRM MyInsights Account Level Insights into Call Activity
Product inventory levels
Veeva CRM MyInsights Product Inventory Levels

So what do I do now?

If you want to empower your reps in real time, get in touch with a Veeva CRM MyInsights approved developer to evaluate feasibility and pull together a roll-out plan.

Here are our tips to help you achieve the full potential of Veeva CRM MyInsights…

1. Define each target audience and map out the key points in your business processes: This will help you identify the business processes that would benefit from an additional level of insight.

2. Proactively survey sales, training, marketing, medical teams, business informatics and other relevant stakeholders: This will help you establish the most important information they need so that your first set of reports are ready to go on launch day.

3. Work with your design agency and Veeva CRM MyInsights approved developers to build and deploy an intuitive and engaging Veeva CRM MyInsights dashboard: This will inform and empower your field force so they are even more effective in their territory planning, key account management and 1:1 calls with their customers.

Some real world applications to get you thinking…

  • Measure and plan target customer coverage and call frequency
  • Analyse product performance
  • Evaluate customer engagement with multichannel activity
  • Visualise activity by customer segmentation
  • Track customer recruitment for medical education events
  • Motivate and challenge field force by showing performance to target and/or rank against best and worst performers
  • KOL profile summaries
  • View product ordering status

To learn more about Veeva CRM MyInsights, please get in touch with our Veeva Level 4 certified digital development team on +44 (0) 1480 877 321 or drop us a line via our contact form to discuss how 28b can help you maximise the potential of Veeva CRM MyInsights for your brand.