Striving for remote sales excellence? Take our remote engagement health check Click here
Striving for remote sales excellence? Take our remote engagement health check Click here

Our Solutions

Our software solutions and consultancy services are founded on a deep understanding of Veeva and its value to brand, medical and field teams.

First class development solutions for Veeva

At every touchpoint for the multichannel rep, we deliver solutions that improve the technology adoption and uplift success rates of their interactions with HCPs.

We can build anything from low-tech, fast and cost-effective sales aids, all the way through to high-tech, app-like experiences to access all the features of Veeva.

Our DSA solutions

From building Veeva Approved Email templates to reviewing their effectiveness, we help field teams unlock customer insights and potential sales opportunities.

Our VAE solutions

Harnessing the power of Veeva MyInsights, we build custom dashboards that give real-time visualisation of any data held within the Veeva system.

Our MyInsights solutions

Our dedicated workshops are designed to assist clients with any aspect of Veeva, whether it’s building a bespoke solution or optimising for greater sales returns.

Our workshops

We’ll appraise your approach to remote customer engagement, applying our knowledge of Veeva’s video conferencing solution to maximise ‘good sell’ outcomes.

Our remote engagement solutions

Veeva certified multichannel content partners

We’re a Veeva certified agency and multichannel content partner with close to a decade of experience in building and implementing innovative Veeva CLM solutions.

15 +
Access to 15+ client Veeva Vaults
  • 25+ years’ pharma experience
  • 8+ years’ CLM experience
  • UX & analytics expertise
  • Compliance knowledge
  • Track record working with the biggest pharma brands & agencies
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  • Veeva certified multichannel content partners
  • Access to 15+ Veeva Vaults
  • Thought leadership & event partners
  • A fully Veeva-certified team of developers
  • Ahead of the curve on the latest Veeva updates
Lisa Dodd, Managing Director
CAN Advertising
"CAN and twentyeightb have enjoyed a very successful partnership over the last 4 years; securing new business, growing existing accounts and most importantly getting the most out of Veeva for our clients. Our account team knows they always have access to high level Veeva expertise from twentyeightb, giving them the confidence and ability to deliver exceptional Veeva solutions on time and on budget."
Neil Crump, Chief Innovation Officer
"The team at 28b is extremely knowledgeable about the whole Veeva suite of resources available now but also importantly has insight on how these will evolve and change. This future-view on Veeva, a platform with a stated aim to dominate the pharma space, is extremely valuable."
Andy Caddell, Owner
McCallan Marketing
"It doesn’t take long to work out that James and the twentyeightb team are experts in this field, communicated in a way that is easy to understand for non-experts. It can be tempting to use functionality for the sake of it, twentyeightb’s counsel and guidance makes sure that digital presentations are designed to deliver messaging in an impactful and memorable way."