In partnership with creative agencies we produce digital sales aids and Veeva CLM materials for the pharmaceutical industry
Because we don’t “do content” we don’t compete with our agency partners and because we don’t compete we collaborate
We are the Veeva CLM experts, they are the creative brand experts and together we will unlock the true digital potential of your salesforce
for brand teams
for agencies

your creative agency + twentyeightb

  • collaboration not conflict
  • your agency's brand and therapy area expertise
  • highly skilled developers with 6+ years of Veeva CLM experience

= maximum digital impact for your salesforce

you+ twentyeightb

  • partners not competitors
  • top level Veeva certification
  • compliant, jargon free, on time and in budget delivery

= competitive, effective digital delivery


We have 24 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and have been developing digital sales aids for the last six. If you need professional, no nonsense development support for Veeva or any other CLM system get in touch with us today.

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