CLM Lite

For brands with time or budget restraints, our CLM Lite solution takes your content and renders it to work within Veeva CLM. Your artwork is compressed into individual slides within the digital sales aid (DSA), providing a fast and fuss-free solution.

Accelerating your digital sales aid launch

Brand managers can often see their timelines squeezed by review processes and stakeholder management, leaving very little wiggle room for production of sales materials such as detail aids. We also often see pharma teams under pressure to take a step towards a more data rich approach and putting more digital tools in the hands of their reps.

Our CLM Lite is the ideal starter kit for both these use cases. This style of CLM presentation development, unlocks the potential of Veeva as it gives you data you wouldn’t normally be able to pull from a standard PDF and a rapid turnaround time that is crucial in high pressure projects such a brand launch.

When compared to using the entry-level option of presenting from a PDF, CLM Lite boasts a number of key features that will assist you in further modernising the way in which your field-force presents to HCPs and begin the journey of data collection and CRM/CLM adoption.

Your sales aids in hands of the field teams, just faster

Our CLM Lite solution is the ideal development option for any sales aid project that runs into tight timelines. Our expert team can consult with you on striking the ideal balance between function and speed, meaning your proposed launch dates don’t have to fall by the wayside.

Avg. working days saved, when compared to a functional content sales aid

Key Features

Linear navigation with data capture

As simple as swiping left or right on a tablet, the difference is that these actions are captured in the CRM call record via a CLM Lite presentation, when compared to a standard PDF.

Nav bar

CLM Lite presentations can include nav bars to allow the rep or user to easily navigate to the right content if needed, making the most of their valuable time with the HCP and showing the right content off the bar.

Interactive buttons and external linking

We can also build interactive buttons into the CLM Lite Presentations to enable easily accessible data as well as external linking to other third party tools if needed.