Veeva 22R3 Release – What’s new?

The final Veeva update of 2022 hits production environments on 8th December, but if you’re in marketing, CRM, commercial or sales roles, what should you expect to see change?

Hot off the heels of the EU Veeva Summit in Madrid – at which we were delighted to be among a small number of agency partner exhibitors – comes the Veeva 22R3 release. While the Summit of course focused on the bigger picture around Veeva’s role in the life sciences industry, this latest release hones in on smaller, practical updates designed to enhance rep to HCP engagement. Here’s our pick of the updates:

Favourite fragments

A neat, user friendly addition that will further improve uptake of rep triggered email functionality is the addition of a ‘favourite’ button. Taking the form of a heart icon, this function allows reps to create their own personalised list of favourite templates and fragments, making quick composition of emails even speedier.

More opportunities to trigger your emails

We are great advocates of in-call emails, launched directly from sales aids so are pleased to see this latest update. With the launch of Approved Email and queryRecord functions now being supported on the CRM Desktop (Mac) platform, integrated approved emails are supported on another platform which offers further opportunity to engage HCPs beyond the call.

A whole host of Engage enhancements

This particular release has seen a string of updates to the Engage platform, a handful of which are sure to have a positive impact on both HCP and rep in-call experience.

  • Sending websites and auto-published CLM content via Web Link or QR Code on iPhone
  • Quick sharing CLM content in Engage Meeting
  • Blocking out unavailable time slots on the Engage scheduling site
  • Allowing chat between HCPs in Engage and Engage Connect

CLM content comes to iPhone

Content being more accessible across a range of devices is a stated aim for Veeva and they deliver in this release, with iPhone users now able to view CLM in the CRM for iPhone app. While there is some VMOC configuration required, this is a useful update for on-the-go field teams looking to review and share content from their media libraries with HCPs.

CRM embraces Android

The further step in the Veeva journey to a platform agnostic experience for reps sees CRM for Android arrive in beta. This will enable users to perform standard daily CRM tasks from their Android phones.

With so many beneficial updates packed into this release, it remains to be seen how Veeva will continue their progress against the Summit theme of ‘the race to high value engagement’ in their first release of the New Year, 23R1. If you or your colleagues are keen to learn more about how you could harness these updates to optimise the experience of your reps and their customers, why not book a free workshop with our team?

As Veeva Full Service Content Partners, we’re well placed to advise you on any upcoming Veeva Approved Email, digital sales aid development, or MyInsights dashboard project you may be considering.