Data-driven insights in the hands of field teams [CASE STUDY]

It is fair to say that understanding your territory is only half the battle when it comes to selling effectiveness for pharma reps. However – despite being a contradiction in terms – it’s a rather big half. It’s also an area where data quality, availability and the presentation method so often come up short in the pharmaceutical industry.

To help address this, we partnered with RNAi therapeutics pharmaceutical Alnylam and industry CRM giants Veeva, to deliver a MyInsights Dashboard that truly delivers actionable territory insights to the KAMs that need them, in turn driving smarter and more informed next actions.

For more information on the project, you can download our co-authored whitepaper on the Veeva website. Below are our highlights of what made this such a successful project.

Driving adoption in the field force

Working with the Alnylam project team of senior CRM and digital specialists, there was a clear objective to use the project as a vehicle for change; ensuring that data presented to KAMs was a genuinely useful and engaging tool.

Thoughtful, rep-centric user experience design would prove to be crucial to uptake, with a stated aim among the project team to create a habit-forming experience that drove KAM adoption and enhanced their belief in the power and value of CRM.

Consulting and advising alongside the Alnylam project team, we adopted a field-centric approach – workshopping with KAMs to learn their pain points and implement design thinking to identify data-serving methods that best suited their needs.

Geomapping for a clearer territory focus

The flagship feature of the KAM dashboard – developed within the Veeva MyInsights platform – is the interactive territory map. This bespoke feature helps the KAM to visualise their territory, understand clusters and most importantly, notifies them of changes within a region which they may need to act on. 

By surfacing this information in an eye-catching way, the map view ensures that the KAMs can create target lists and plan relevant engagements based on up-to-date changes, leading to a more dynamic way of working.

Visualising every HCP touchpoint

Staying on top of your individual account planning for each HCP on your territory can be challenging for KAMs, so we sought to address this by furthering the out of the box timeline view to capture a broader range of customer interactions. Measuring a doctor’s level of advocacy and engagement would have previously involved dipping in and out of various different views within the CRM, so we made a concerted effort to harness as much useful information around interactions as possible, in one place.

The bespoke timeline view records past and planned interactions such as webinar attendance, web visits and head office interactions. Surfacing these channels in one place makes planning the next engagement with an HCP a more considered and insight-led process for the KAMs.

At twentyeightb we are on a journey to empower and inspire the multichannel rep with genuinely useful tools, so we were thrilled that this project both aligned with our mission and achieved the objectives of our client, Alnylam.

“The Veeva CRM MyInsights dashboards help our field teams obtain a better understanding of data, for planning and decision-making. They can better visualise data and the data is always current because it is in CRM”

Anthony Sclafani, director of strategic technologies at Alnylam

If you are interested in learning more about the concept of Veeva MyInsights dashboards, then check out our service page. However, if you understand the concept and are keen to undergo a journey to surface genuine insights to your field teams using Veeva MyInsights, then get in touch and we would be happy to advise you on the best path.