eDetailing & Digital Sales Aid Development

Whether you know them as DSAs, edetailers or CLM presentations, we know how to make them the powerful selling effectiveness tool you need to increase appropriate prescribing in the field.

Getting started with digital sales aids

At twentyeightb, we can draw on a decade’s worth of Veeva experience to implement effective digital sales aids that meet the needs of pharma brand teams, agencies, reps and the end customer. eDetailing is unlikely to be new to most in the pharmaceutical marketing space, however it can mean very different things to different people and brands.

If you are looking to digitise your sales materials for remote use in Veeva Engage, then through our innovative CLM Lite solution, we can quickly adapt existing PDFs or image-based presentations to accelerate speed to market. It may be that you or your agency lack the capability to develop your carefully designed content for Veeva CLM or other equivalent platforms such as IQVIA OCE. This is where we come in, working in partnership with all parties to deliver edetailing aids that perform effectively in the hands of reps or self-led in Veeva Portals by HCPs.

As certified Veeva partners, with access to upwards of 15 different Veeva Vaults, we have the experience to guide you through the process while developing a solution that often exceeds the expectations of the original brief.

Transforming designs into DSAs

At twentyeightb we specialise in delivery. We do not do content or creative – instead we partner with agencies and together we can leverage our deep expertise and knowledge to create the very best detail aid for your brand. Our DSA development typically falls into two categories, with an occasional blend of the two:

Flat visual PDF adaption
If there are time and/or budget constraints, our CLM Lite solution takes your content and renders it to work within Veeva CLM. Your artwork is compressed into individual slides within the DSA, providing a fast and fuss-free solution.

Interactive edetailing
Interactive sales aids are proven to be considerably more effective than flat visuals and with our decade of experience in Veeva, we will proactively recommend ways of enhancing your content for more impactful presentations in the field – be that in-person or remote. What’s more, you’ll gather rich data on the performance of your materials with expertly-configured tracking and analytics.

Ultimately, we’ll work with key stakeholders on a DSA plan that ensures all key messages resonate, all compliance information is present and the presentation makes the absolute most of the features available within Veeva CLM.

Optimising and enhancing your CLM presentations

According to STEM Healthcare research, “high quality, emotive, interactive eDAs deliver a 71% improvement in ‘good sell outcomes’ compared to simple eDAs.” If you’re looking to establish competitive advantage and fully leverage the role that Veeva can play in empowering your reps to deliver results, then the inclusion of functional and interactive elements within CLM presentations can make all the difference.

At twentyeightb, we consult with you from the outset – reviewing the brand plan to identify opportunities to embed commercial excellence in the execution of the project. We’ll share examples of functional content based on our experience and suggest ways in which to structure content to effectively track data and encourage a two-way dialogue between rep and HCP.

While we never suggest features for the sake of features, there are a number of high-impact ways to amplify your key messages within Veeva CLM presentations that we can consult on and ultimately develop as part of the DSA build. These include features such as:

  • Veeva Approved email integration for immediate follow-ups/ meeting invitations
  • Leave piece integration
  • Data visualisation
  • Finger-tip objection handlers (blades, pop-ups and hover states)
  • Animation
  • Videos (including background videos)
  • Augmented reality
  • Interactive dials, models and input fields for direct HCP interaction
  • Budget impact models
  • Key message reveals

Now that you know edetailing can be so much more than a PDF on a tablet, why not empower your field team with industry leading digital sales tools?

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