Veeva CRM 23R3 release – what’s new?

Veeva CRM releases three major updates each year to address user issues through updates, and provide new functionality. The improvements and added functionality will hit all Veeva instances on 7th December 2023. Alongside our other key takeaways, we are excited to share with you one particular improvement that will be well-received – the reduction of sync times!

Enhanced sync timing

The most impactful announcement in the latest round of enhancements is the improvement of sync times. This is very exciting news. By introducing enhanced sync timing and error notifications, wait times when using Veeva CRM will be significantly reduced. An improvement we are pleased to see and one that will be very well received by pretty much anyone working in Veeva CRM on even a semi-regular basis.

For field-teams, this means less time waiting to ensure the latest media and calls are synced, reducing the amount of fear pressing that sync button puts into the heart of the rep. For CRM admins, CLM content reviewers and MyInsights producers this will speed up the workflow to bring materials to market.

Better ways of working within teams

For improved collaboration, Veeva Vault will be integrating with Office 365, allowing multiple users to concurrently edit documents for a smoother user experience. Notifications outlining workflow steps are sent to the owner upon any action initiation, providing an efficient means to track changes and foster collaborative work on shared documents. Admins can also configure notification steps in workflows that will send a summary notification to the Workflow Owner whenever one of these actions is initiated through a workflow or state change.

Housing your data with MyInsights and Dashboards

This year, we’ve been inducted onto the brand new Veeva MyInsights partner program, cementing twentyeightb’s place as a thought leader and producer of field-enablement workflow tools. Veeva CRM MyInsights is an innovative data visualisation module that delivers the right information exactly when and where your teams need it. As a partner on this program, this enables us to demonstrate our expertise in developing tailored dashboards to fit your unique requirements.

In 23R3, there are going to be notable updates to MyInsights Studio navigation actions. The introduction of the ‘View Section’ navigation action empowers content creators to designate multiple tabs within the same group of entry points for user navigation. Upon deployment, users can choose different tabs to access new information within the same account or territory. This feature enables users to move seamlessly from a MyInsights page to a non-default Account page.

Dashboards are also set to receive an update in formatting. Users gain the ability to freely drag and resize charts on a canvas background, choosing the width of the dashboard component. Before this release, dashboards were limited to two sizes and interfaces, with fixed-width charts based on columns. This enhancement provides greater flexibility, enabling users to expand multiple charts for better metric highlighting, or wider charts for a comprehensive view of data.

If you would like more information on how we can help you harness the power of your data through Veeva MyInsights, get in touch with our expert team today.

Account Management

Users can now access their account’s affiliations, even if those affiliations belong to other organisations. This feature offers visibility into the relationships their accounts have, empowering users to make more informed decisions when planning outreach to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).

Approved Email

We have long been advocates of arming reps with more flexible and human-oriented content, and believe that there are some types of content that we simply shouldn’t need to bother compliance with. Content such as the likes of holiday greetings or logistical documents may not need medical, regulatory, or legal review in PromoMats or MedComms. Business Admins and Content Creators can now streamline this content by directly uploading it to CRM, bypassing Veeva Vault. End users can then easily include this content as fragments when creating Approved Email messages.

Content alignment, through the use of content groups, enables customers to efficiently grant specific users access to designated content. Admins can effectively manage Approved Email and CLM content for large user groups by organising users into content groups. This feature enhances transparency, allowing customers to discern available content for different user types. Integration with Align and/or Vault further streamlines the process, enabling customers to create dashboards and reports for a comprehensive understanding of user access to specific content.

CLM – Using the HCP content player

The HCP Content Player is a dedicated browser experience enabling accounts to view content sent to them from various features of Veeva CRM. Interactions with content viewed via the HCP Content Player are tracked and saved in Veeva CRM, enabling admins to report and audit on activity of sent content. The HCP Content Player is hosted by Veeva and cannot be embedded in customer-owned pages. The HCP Content Player supports various content types, including HTML, images, PDFs, and videos.

Engage HCP with address book contacts

HCPs can now allow Veeva Engage to access their device’s address book contacts to quickly invite and share valuable resources with other HCPs. Also, HCPs will be able to send brand profile resources to new and existing connections via chat, allowing them to quickly and easily share useful information with their connections, including HCPs and CRM users.

Self-led learning with Flightpath

As highlighted in our last two Veeva Release write-ups, there is a continued focus on Flightpath – a learning tool offering overviews and examples to guide you in leveraging CRM features. The latest additions to their learning tool are on hot button topics;

  • Using Sync
  • Updates to Using Microsoft Teams
  • Creating Custom Presentations in CLM

For more information about Flightpath, you can explore our earlier article here.

As Veeva Full Service Content Partners, we stay updated to ensure our clients leverage Veeva CRM’s full capability. To learn more about how this software can empower your fieldforce, contact our expert team.