Free Veeva Workshops for Agencies

Book a free workshop from Veeva full service content partners twentyeightb to upskill your creative or medcomms agency on the opportunities available within Veeva CRM and CLM.

  • All the key features of Veeva explained in a one hour session - perfect for a lunch and learn
  • Targeted and tailored to your agency needs
  • Learn to better scope and upsell Veeva projects
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your agency rivals
  • Deliver your Veeva projects more profitably

What's your Veeva challenge?

Are you working with pharma clients who brief in hurriedly planned Veeva projects? Are your clients taking their tentative first steps into Veeva and you’re worried you may not be able to support them? Or is your challenge simply that you’re not really sure what Veeva is, let alone what it is capable of?

This hour-long workshop is delivered remotely and will arm you and your team with all the knowledge needed to confidently scope and deliver Veeva CLM projects.
*Please note that this workshop is only available to agencies that do not have in-house CLM development capabilities. 


Andy Caddell, Owner
McCallan Marketing
"It doesn’t take long to work out that the twentyeightb team are experts in this field, communicated in a way that is easy to understand for non-experts. It can be tempting to use functionality for the sake of it, twentyeightb’s counsel and guidance makes sure that digital presentations are designed to deliver messaging in an impactful and memorable way."
Neil Crump, Chief Innovation Officer
"The team at 28b is extremely knowledgeable about the whole Veeva suite of resources available now but also importantly has insight on how these will evolve and change. This future-view on Veeva, a platform with a stated aim to dominate the pharma space, is extremely valuable."
David Corran, Owner
Dark Horse
"Since Veeva is at the centre of a number of our clients’ work, it is essential that we understand what it offers and the opportunities it presents at both UK and international levels. The knowledge, detail and enthusiasm for Veeva that James shared with us has been of enormous value and will continue to be so as we go forward."

Why trust twentyeightb?

A specialist pharma CLM development team, twentyeightb are Veeva full service content partners, meaning we have access to advanced features and functionality within Veeva. We’re keen to share best practice with you to help you maximise the value and impact of your Veeva projects – creating first class digital solutions in partnership.


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