Measuring up – reference table for iOS device dimensions

We find that when starting a new project it’s best to have as much information to hand as possible – especially if it’s in an unfamiliar sector like designing for mobile devices. With so many nuances and minor differences even between iPhone or iPad models released in the same year, it’s little wonder that design visuals can go awry from one device to another.

To help overcome this, we’ve created an interactive reference table containing screen information for every iOS mobile device so you can keep this data to hand. The table below features some interactive elements to help you sort by device type, orientation and recency. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, share on social media or forward the link to fellow designers, developers and project managers.

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iOS device dimensions – reference table

We hope you found this table useful – if you have any feedback or have noticed an error in the data, we’d really appreciate it if you let us know.