Enhance Your Veeva CRM Engage Meeting

In our recent guide to Veeva CRM Engage Meeting, we explored some of the key features of Veeva’s video conferencing solution, which is helping pharmaceutical companies engage with HCPs at a time when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible.

Enabling reps to deliver approved CLM content to an HCP from anywhere in the world, the previously under-utlilised software has seen a significant uptake among pharma brands in the US and EU since the start of lockdown.

However, while Engage Meeting allows reps to present the same content as they would via a Digital Sales Aid in a face-to-face setting, it’s worth being mindful of how this change of setting (and screen size) impacts the delivery of content.

Here, we provide some best practice guidance on how to successfully adapt your content to Veeva CRM Engage Meeting, and in turn keep HCPs engaged.

1. Consider the length of a meeting

A virtual meeting held via Engage Meeting can last up to five times longer than a face-to-face interaction. With that in mind, you may need to increase the volume of content accordingly, ensuring it effectively conveys your key messages while remaining compliant. This will support the length of the call and help keep an HCP engaged throughout.

2. Take advantage of Veeva Vault PromoMats

With Veeva Vault PromoMats, you can convert approved materials into new content to be used in CRM Engage Meeting. By automatically creating presentations for different file types (including .pdf and .ppt) and linking them to existing assets, Vault PromoMats streamlines the MLR review process while letting you distribute content to multiple channels.

3. Optimize content for all devices

If you are planning to use existing Veeva CLM content in CRM Engage Meeting, you’ll need to be mindful of other participants’ device preferences.

HCPs could join a meeting from a tablet, desktop or mobile device, so interactive elements may not have the same impact or work as effectively as they would when presenting face-to-face. For example, high-resolution content with multiple different colours won’t translate well on an iPad.

Due consideration should also be given to font size, with Veeva reporting that over 30% of HCPs have joined a meeting from a mobile device since March 2020.

At this time (as of August 2020), video content of any type does not display to CRM Engage Meeting participants when presented from an iPad.

4. Have a test run

To check that your content will work across multiple device types, try to test it on as many as possible ahead of your meeting – bearing in mind the different models of iPad with varying screen sizes, procession power and resolution. The same applies to iPhones, as well as all Android and Windows devices.

Testing the content as both a rep (the presenter) and an HCP (the attendee) should ensure your presentation is delivered with little or no hitches. Keep an eye on animations, as some may only display the start and end point, depending on the device.

WebGL 2D and 3D animations won’t display to participants while animated GIFs will display at two frames per second. Any GIFs of more than two frames per second may not display as expected.

5. Size content to the viewport

To ensure your content suits the width of the rep’s screen, you’ll need to include width=device in the viewport meta tag. Disabling user scaling will also ensure the page is accessible to all participants, and large fixed-width elements should be avoided where possible. Finally, check that your content doesn’t depend on a specified viewport width to render.

6. Keep it light

As with face-to-face meetings, less is more when it comes to the volume of content per slide. A presentation should be used to support or provide additional context to a rep’s narrative – if there is too much copy on the screen at one time, it may overwhelm or distract an HCP.

Make sure to focus on the key messages and data that will resonate most with your audience, without giving them too much to read and digest.

7. Generate a two-way dialogue

It can be more difficult to generate an emotive two-way dialogue with customers when engaging remotely. Consider using interactive content to encourage the rep to uncover customer needs, identify the source of business and close against those identified needs. We know from working with STEM Healthcare on Veeva Optimisation projects that creating an emotive two-way dialogue with customers can result in a significant increase in the frequency of good sell outcomes.

8. Leverage Veeva Approved Email

If there are videos or other content that can’t be presented in the meeting, consider whether they could be made available through Veeva Approved Email, so participants can view them in their own time (or on another device) after the meeting.

In the name of best practice, you may wish to share the whole presentation with participants, giving them the opportunity to revisit and digest it before making a purchase decision.

For more advice on Veeva CRM Engage Meeting, or to discuss how we can leverage Veeva to enhance your business, please contact our specialists on +44 (0) 1480 877 321 or get in touch using our contact form.