Veeva Solutions across the product life cycle

At twentyeightb, we’re committed to maintaining a detailed understanding of the Veeva product suite in order to better advise our clients and partners. We know that with product life cycles often spanning several decades, having a consistent system is key to streamline what can be a long-winded process. Veeva Systems can manage the whole product life cycle. As a client you progress through the different Veeva suites as you move from the early preclinical stages all the way through to marketing and sales. Here’s what you need to know.

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As this image outlines, Veeva targets each stage of product development with a different application. We have put together a run-down of each stage of the lifecycle to explain how Veeva facilitates product development, ensuring their clients can bring products to market faster and more efficiently.

The Veeva Vault Platform is a constant throughout all stages of development. Easily scalable and customisable, it can amalgamate any of the Veeva Vault applications, from the early clinical trial Vault Coder all the way to Veeva Vault Promomats for commercial content and digital asset management. Its unique ability to manage both content and data offers a fully integrated end-to-end process.

The Beginning: Clinical Trials

Clinical trials can run for 10 to 15 years as the product goes through 3 phases before it can be licensed. A vast amount of data is produced within this time. The Veeva Vault Clinical Suite handles this stage of the life cycle, assembling data and operations on the central Vault platform. The suite can be divided into two sections. Firstly, the Clinical Data Management applications that streamline the huge amount of data developed in the trials. Secondly, the Clinical Operations applications unify the content and track the activation process.

Clinical Data Management

  • Vault CDMS – this Clinical Data Management System unifies all of the data management applications.
  • Vault EDC – the interface for capturing and reviewing clinical trial data.
  • Vault Coder – offers innovative coding tools that yield fast and accurate coding for any clinical trial.
  • Vault Data Workbench – integrates all types of clinical trial data into a consistently formatted data lake for cleaning, reporting, and exporting.

Clinical Operations

  • Vault CTMS – the management system for integrating clinical operations
  • Vault eTMF – an online ‘Trial Master File’ enables active TMF management for real-time inspection readiness, visibility, and control.
  • Vault Study Startup – brings together study start-up activities and processes in a single, easy-to-use application.

The Regulation Stage

Before the product can be manufactured, it has to be regulated. The development team are required to assemble and submit a regulatory submission dossier to the regulatory agency. It is important that these submissions can be accessed before and after the submission. The Veeva suite for the regulation stage, the RIM (Regulatory Information Management) Suite, controls registration in three different applications. Once again this suite can be managed from the central Veeva Vault Platform.

  • Vault Registrations – provides a single global application for planning, tracking and reporting on product registrations.
  • Vault Submissions – assists in accessible authoring and submission assembly.
  • Vault Submissions Publishing –  a unified solution for dossier publishing that dramatically speeds submission delivery.
  • Vault Submissions Archive – an accessible store for all previous regulatory submissions.

Quality and Manufacturing

As the drug moves into manufacturing, it is essential to maintain strict quality standards. This is where you require the Veeva Quality Suite. Housed on the Vault platform, the quality control can be accessed by all parties, life sciences companies, contract manufacturers, and suppliers.

  • Vault QMS  – allows for the global management of quality processes
  • Vault QualityDocs – facilitates the sharing of GxP documents among employees and partners.
  • Vault Station Manager – a mobile application for the shop floor that helps to ensure the right content is always available for greater compliance and efficiency.
  • Vault Training – manages training requirements to ensure compliance and role-based qualification.

Medical Affairs

After the product has been approved, it is passed to medical affairs teams. The product is offered to the health service before it is opened up to competition. The Veeva Medical Suite is designed to unify the relationships between healthcare professionals, payers, regulators and patients throughout the post-approval life cycle of a product. Unlike the other suites, the medical applications do not run solely from the Vault platform. The new requirements that this stage brings means that the applications run between the Vault platform, the CRM platform and the OpenData platform.

  • Medical CRM  – a social hub to help medical affairs engage with all stakeholders that offers face-to-face calls, email, events and digital interactions.
  • Vault Medcomms – run from the central vault platform, MedComms assists the creation, delivery and approval of medical content.
  • Oncology Link – links tens of thousands of oncology experts for better market intelligence and engagement

Marketing and Sales

As the product moves to market, competition emerges. This is where the Veeva Commercial Cloud comes into play. This cloud brings together customer data management, AI, commercial content and multichannel engagement to ensure an end-to-end streamlined customer experience. The Cloud encompasses a CRM suite of applications as well as another Vault application and the next-generation Veeva Nitro.

CRM Suite

  • Multichannel CRM  – much like the Medical CRM, this application offers customer engagement through a range of channels including face-to-face and email.
  • OpenData – offers access to approximately 16 million healthcare professionals, organisations and their affiliations, bringing together customer engagement.
  • Align – a territory alignments process that gives commercial teams more direct control of  the sales process.
  • Network Customer Master –  synchronises data to present a complete customer view.
  • Andi – An advanced artificial intelligence application delivers recommendations into the teams’ daily workflow to drive intelligent engagement.
  • CRM Events Management –  a central events planning platform offering total visibility from all parties.

Digital Asset Management

  •  Vault PromoMats –  offers integrated digital asset management with review and distribution capabilities.

Commercial Data Warehouse

  • Veeva Nitro – a next-generation commercial warehouse allowing life science companies to unify the most important data sources.

If you are interested in your own Veeva project, read our other Veeva knowledge resources or get in touch with twentyeightb today. We are certified Veeva Multichannel Partners and we can provide advice and guidance for the Medical Affairs and Marketing and Sales aspects of the Veeva platform. You can contact our Veeva experts on +44 (0) 1480 877 321 or drop us a line via our contact form.