A Guide to Veeva CRM Engage Meeting

Remote working and remote solutions have never received as much attention as they are at present, with people across the globe required to explore alternative means of ‘meeting’. Since lockdown started in March:

In a space as heavily regulated as the pharmaceutical industry, this presents further challenges around compliance and the agility with which companies are able to adapt to not deploying their field force on the road. The good news is that the solution was ready, waiting and generally under-utilised. The answer is Veeva CRM Engage Meeting.

What is Veeva CRM Engage Meeting?

As those in the industry will know, initiating a video conference with an HCP using one of the many available tools on the market (Zoom, Skype, Teams to name but a few) simply isn’t an option. Pharmaceutical companies need to manage and control the content of meetings between their reps and HCPs and in a third-party video conferencing solution, compliance cannot be guaranteed. This is where Veeva CRM Engage Meeting comes into play.


For the many pharma companies already using Veeva as their primary multichannel CRM, Engage offers a simple and compliant means of delivering approved CLM content to an HCP from anywhere in the world. Due to its intrinsic links with the Veeva suite of solutions, it allows reps to present the same content that they would have run through on a Digital Sales Aid in the face to face environment. As such, rather than hampering the rep, the switch to virtual meetings actually provides an opportunity to increase sales force effectiveness with less of the rep and HCP’s time used up per appointment.

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Features of Veeva CRM Engage Meeting

While some companies may have begun using Veeva CRM Engage Meeting primarily out of necessity, that shouldn’t prevent them from getting the absolute best out of the tool. There are a number of features that with the right development consultancy, their reps can benefit from.

Several features, such as integrated voice and video, simple single hyperlink invitations to meetings and a toll free/ ‘call me’ option could be seen as a basic expectation of software of this type. However Engage offers a lot more besides.

  • Device flexibility – HCPs can join the meetings from any device, while sales reps can present their CLM content from their iPad, allowing them to replicate their in-person presentation style.
  • Online scheduling – Reps and MSL hosts can focus on their calls, with online users such as call centre reps having the ability to schedule appointments using Engage.
  • Strict regulatory compliance – Only approved, compliant content can be shared, so the risk of inaccurate materials being displayed is nullified.
  • Activity tracking – With approved Veeva CLM content being presented, actions can be tracked and recorded in the CRM – allowing for a greater level of analysis.
  • Content effectiveness & HCP sentiment monitoring – When set up in line with best practice, multichannel data and insights around every interaction are gathered and updated in Veeva CRM in real-time.

So what can pharma companies do to ensure they don’t just use Veeva CRM Engage Meeting, they genuinely harness its full capabilities?

Getting the most out of Veeva Engage

Many of the principles around utilising Veeva solutions for better sales outcomes remain the same when it comes to Engage. Are you still using flat, non-interactive content (essentially paper under glass) that neither generate or track/record HCP interaction? If you have made the leap to more interactive sales aids, are you confident that your design and development teams understand the very specific framework for producing sales aids within Veeva? A dull, or worse still, glitchy/ broken edetailer is going to be just as ineffective remotely as it is in person so now is the time to review the effectiveness of your visuals, messaging and analytics.

STEM Healthcare’s industry data from 2017 showed a 71% increase in good sell outcomes when field teams were given highly interactive and engaging eSales Aid content.

At twentyeightb, as multichannel partners and with our vast experience of developing for Veeva and consulting on best practice, we can help you and your agencies design and develop the sort of functional content that leverages the full potential of Veeva to better support reps in achieving good sell outcomes. In support of the current situation we are also offering a pro-bono 30 minute workshop to help you understand what best practice in Veeva CRM Engage Meetings could look like for you.

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