Best Practice Tips for Veeva CRM Engage Meetings

The number of interactions via Veeva CRM Engage Meeting has risen dramatically since the beginning of lockdown. The video conferencing platform enables sales reps to present the same content to HCPs as they would in a face-to-face meeting. However, it’s worth being mindful of the technical considerations and best practices relating to virtual meetings. 

What would we recommend?

Encourage Interations

You don’t want a virtual meeting to be a one-way dialogue, so make sure you allow ample time for questions throughout and following your presentation. Having your own questions to ask participants will also encourage interaction and collaboration, likewise the inclusion of interactive content. According to research by STEM Healthcare, creating a two-way dialogue shows a 1.5 – 4x increase in Good Sell Outcomes (GSOs).

Set Expectations

Sharing a meeting agenda with participants ahead of time will ensure everyone understands the purpose of the meeting. It also sets expectations on the duration of a meeting and gives participants an opportunity to clarify any agenda items. 

Enhance your home page

Your home page is effectively your virtual waiting room and may be the first place a prospective customer encounters your brand. As such, you’ll want the page to be inviting and functional, with no promotional messaging. It should also include key information such as your name and contact details, plus a photo.

Consider your surroundings

Presenting yourself professionally is just as important in a virtual setting as it is when meeting somebody face-to-face. Make sure to declutter your surroundings and use a neutral background that is unlikely to distract other participants. Virtual backgrounds are often a good option. 

Minimise Disruption

To ensure all participants can communicate without disruption, try to conduct your meeting in a quiet room. If this isn’t possible, consider investing in noise-canceling headphones with a high-quality microphone to eliminate any background noise. 

Focus on the camera

Making eye contact isn’t that simple in a virtual meeting, but participants will still be expecting your undivided attention. The best way to make ‘digital eye contact’ is by looking at your device’s camera as much as possible. Hand gestures should also be minimised wherever possible.    

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