Sarah Cooke Cient Services Manager

Sarah Cooke - Senior Client Services Manager at twentyeightb

Having worked in corporate digital health and wellbeing, I joined twentyeightb having been blown away by the plans for growth and common values we shared. I have undertaken a number of project and client services roles and always been passionate about ensuring that clients and partners enjoy the experience of working with the companies that I represent.

Health and fitness has always been important to me both personally and professionally, so when I’m not working, I like to spend time in the great outdoors. Even if it’s just for a walk, I’ll drag my daughters with me with the promise of the destination being a café for a hot chocolate or milkshake. When I’m flying solo, stand-up paddle boarding and road running are my other vocations.

What I love about working at twentyeightb
Sarah Cooke
"The people – my teammates and clients. Hand-on-heart I can say that they are such a lovely group of friendly, hard-working people with can-do attitudes."