15 key technical considerations for a successful eDetail project

Preparing to kick off an edetailing project? With the level of regulation and often strict brand guidelines within the pharma industry, the smooth progress of a project can often hinge on how much critical information has been sourced and detailed up front. Wherever possible, you should ask your client for their Technical and Operational Guidelines for CLM content creation and deployment.

Here are 15 key points you need to know and documents like these should cover:

  1. Client/Brand CLM iPad style guide
  2. Content design standards
  3. Mandatory supporting content
  4. Media design, formats and guidelines
  5. Presentation design structure
  6. Key message slide structure with clickstream objects
  7. Html content development approach for slides
  8. Text/fonts
  9. Functionality and navigation standards
  10. Metadata and content utilisation data tracking
  11. Naming conventions and standards for files, metadata, and content utilisation tracking
  12. Packaging, documentation & deployment
  13. Loading content for testing
  14. Content files transfer process for content publishing
  15. iPad and iOS version specifications

Not everything listed above is absolutely critical to the success of an e-detail or CLM project, but having the right documentation will make everyone’s life that much more simple and help ensure projects are delivered efficiently and on time. Not every client will be able to provide you with a technical and operational guidelines document and many will not have considered all of the points listed, but the more you can gather and extract from your client the better the project will run.

We have been building eDetails for agencies and pharma brand teams for many years and are certified in all the major CLM/CRM platforms, so if you need help getting hold of this sort of information or want to understand more about its importance and how it can impact on the success of a project then please get in touch, we would be happy to help.

If you’re involved in the handover of a project from design to development, you may also find our CLM project handover checklist useful – give it a try!