Nick Woolnough 28b

Nick Woolnough - Operations Director at twentyeightb

With a background in marketing, I’ve spent the last 15 years working in a number of agency-side roles often at the intersection of marketing, development and operations.

I still like to get my hands dirty with digital marketing, specifically content writing and SEO, while balancing this against the operational objectives of the business as we continue to grow and scale. Having always been interested in organisational health, structure and process, I’m no stranger to taking on leadership responsibilities inside and outside of work – be that managing a football team or managing my four kids!

In any spare time not spent with my family, I play football, watch cricket and generally give pretty much any form of exercise a try at least once.

What I love about working at twentyeightb
Nick Woolnough
"There's a real credibility and authenticity about the company and its values that makes twentyeightb a hugely rewarding place to work. I’ve been blown away by the shared work ethic and thirst for continuous improvement among the group and the remarkable team spirit that has been built primarily remotely. twentyeightb is a business that is really going places and it's great to be a part of that trajectory."