Email Evolution in the Veeva 24R1 Release

The first Veeva CRM major release of the calendar year is set to land in production environments on 2nd May 2024, with quality of upgrades rather than quantity being the watchword of this particular release.

With Veeva’s laser-focus on launching Vault CRM to new customers and transitioning existing customers – all whilst fending off the competition – it is no surprise they will be limiting changes to their existing CRM to bug fixes and previously planned updates. Here is our breakdown of the two notable field enabling developments that snuck through just in time.

New features coming to Approved Email

Greater flexibility with Veeva’s new Email Builder

One of the keys to creating the types of personalised yet compliant Approved Emails that we always recommend at twentyeightb, has been getting your head around templates, fragments and tokens. Now, with the launch of their iPad based Email Builder tool, Veeva are looking to simplify the user experience and place greater flexibility in the hands of marketing and field teams.

Separate to Veeva’s existing BEE Editor email tool, the Email Builder guides the sender through the available subject lines, greetings, key messages, documents and sign-offs. This user-friendly approach – once configured – has the potential to significantly uplift post-call follow-up rates and enable reps to keep the conversation alive with their target HCPs.


Email Builder. Image source: Veeva CRM What’s New In 24R1.0, April 2024. Accessed via Veeva


“The biggest value-add here is the potential uplift in the adoption of personalised, relevant and timely approved email usage through an improved UX and greater flexibility. Marketeers will also benefit from a more visual approach that will support a more structured and relevant approach to Veeva Approved Emails.”
Ben Keppie, Consultant

To support Veeva Approved Emails in meeting compliance requirements, a couple of neat features have also been added, including

One-click unsubscribe will now be enabled by default for Approved Emails, which means that HCPs receiving Veeva Approved Emails will be able to opt-out of future communications, directly within their email application. This, alongside Approved Email content prevention – a function that enables content creators to mark certain templates and fragments as hidden, so that they don’t display – will help to smooth over any compliance concerns around the right content being in the right hands.

Email content just got more dynamic, too

On top of greater control over the elements comprising their emails, senders will now have the opportunity to tap into approved content that is more tailored around their on-going conversation with an HCP.

Dynamic content creation has the potential to support reps in sending more relevant and timely follow-up information, personalised with the interactivity from the CLM content that is presented. As long term advocates of functional content that engages HCPs during CLM presentations, we’re really pleased to see greater emphasis being placed on the value of data capture and the role that insights from tools such as cost calculators and formulary matrices can play in supporting a multichannel cycle or key account plan. To get a better understanding of the kind of dynamic content that is achievable within Veeva and the rich insights that it can bring, why not book a short demo call with our team.

If you’d like to better understand the way in which functional, dynamic and personalised content can be harnessed by your field teams, we are ideally placed to support you both through consultative advice and technical implementation across your digital marketing materials. Just get in touch with our team to find out more.