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Striving for remote sales excellence? Take our remote engagement health check Click here

Unlocking the potential of CRM/CLM – MCM Meetup [Video]

Did you miss ‘Effective storytelling across the pharma multichannel mix’? The first in a series of meetups organised by our Director James Harper and three other prominent voices in pharma marketing – Rich Brassett, Nick Saalfeld and Christine Mackay – the inaugural meeting held on 3rd October explored four key facets of the multichannel mix.

Within his talk, James explored the latent potential that exists within pharma CRM and CLM. Have a watch below or take a read of the key takeaways.

Functional content to unlock potential

Functional content engages reps

Flat, PDF-style edetailing fails to engage the field team in the same way that navigable content design can. If the rep isn’t engaged with what they’re presenting, how can we expect the customer to be?

Functional content gets used more

While the ability to measure interactions lessens with simple content design, interactive capability simply creates more. When you look beyond static design, both the rep and customer will actively seek to use the engaging elements within the presentation.

Functional content increases sales effectiveness

The ratio of desirable sales outcomes increases with interactive content, yet too many companies continue to supply their field teams with e-details made up of flat un-engaging, powerpoint like content. The pharma industry now has access to some incredible sales effectiveness and customer engagement tools and it is our job to help them unlock the potential of these platforms.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Pharma Multichannel Marketing group and future meetups, you can read more here. Got a quick question for James on functional content? Get in touch using our quick question form.