Augmented reality – presenting the next level

In an industry where standing out can be tough, technology that aids the presentation of information can be incredibly fruitful for early adopters. Augmented reality may be a phrase that most are now familiar with, however has it yet found its way into the presentation toolkit of pharma reps?

How could pharma benefit from AR?

We recently collaborated with the team at Veeva on a whitepaper outlining the ways in which augmented reality is currently utilised, but more importantly the potential use cases within Veeva. You can visit the Veeva website to download a copy of the whitepaper or read our top takeaways below.

AR development in Veeva is about to get easier

Veeva is expecting to release later this year a new Augmented Reality extension to its existing iPad based eDetailing tool, leveraging Apple’s latest ARKit release. This aims to make it easier for developers to deliver immersive Augmented Reality experiences for reps and HCPs. This could be the innovation to finally kick outdated PowerPoint presentations into touch.

There are already some excellent use cases

Beyond Veeva there are a number of superb uses of AR in the pharma and marketing industries from which to draw inspiration. Here are just a few:

  • Field engineers see an exploded diagram of failed equipment, enabling them to see through materials and go right to the component that is broken.
  • Information overlay about products on pharmacy shelves, potentially reducing prescribing errors.
  • Magic fiducial markers can bring a movie poster to life when a user points their smartphone at it – playing a trailer for the movie, or perhaps showing a character’s backstory.

The possibilities of AR within Veeva

Applications are limited slightly by the iPad being handheld, not eye-mounted, however there are still some valuable potential use cases:

  • While static case studies can demonstrate melanomas in the abstract, showing disease progression on the arm of someone in the room brings home the reality of the disease.
  • As already demonstrated at the Veeva Summit vision loss is ideal for the “visual” aspects of augmented reality.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the potential uses of AR as an HCP engagement tool, get in touch with our team today. We recently showcased our AR app development skills at the PM Society Digital Awards and would be happy to talk you through ways in which technology could be harnessed to help you create more impactful and effective digital sales aids.