Get the most out of Veeva’s most powerful selling effectiveness tool

Are you making the most of one of the most powerful selling effectiveness tools Veeva has to offer?

MyInsights is one of the most underutilised but valuable tool Veeva has to offer. Bundled as part of the standard CRM license this incredibly flexible and potentially powerful tool should be on every brand and sales team’s lists of things to do in 2021.

Essentially Veeva have made space available on the iPad and in the online CRM where we can create dashboards to read and visualise the data held in the CRM in real time. That is any data, from call rate and frequency through to data created from surveys and HCP input during CLM presentations made by the representative. It can also be used to visualise data brought into the CRM from external platforms and data lakes; data such as user activity on websites and portals, prevalence and incidence rates or good old fashion sales figures, so long as the data is there in the CRM, we can use it to power territory and selling effectiveness tools and dashboards.

So, data, analytics and dashboards….not the most thrilling of subjects, so why should you care?

Well, as we enter a new age of the multichannel rep and we ask them to effectively orchestrate and manage customer engagement across those channels then we need to give the much greater visibility of those customers, their past and planned touch points, what content has been shared, consumed and acted on from those touchpoints and ultimately if and how this moved that customer along the adoption ladder. MyInsights allows us to do all that and more. IMHO, along with training and functional content, MyInsights is one of the key critical success factors for achieving excellence in this brave new world of remote customer engagement.

Here are a few examples to illustrate just how powerful and flexible a tool it can be:

1. Simple Territory Insights

Territory MyInsights

Let’s start simple with basic performance metrics. Nothing new here, every company has some form of dashboards whether proprietary or third party. But by utilising MyInsights not only are the dashboards in the same system as the data, they are also in the tool reps use on a daily basis putting the data right at their fingertips.

Veeva even provides an Out of the Box version that will meet many of your simple needs without much adaptation. There’s even more good news as Veeva also provides a WYSIWYG dashboard builder that will allow you to build simple dashboards to better fit your business needs.

2. Delegate recruitment accelerator

Talking to the field team about analytics can tend to bring the shutters down, either because they are seen as a means to measure and police them or because they are only ever seen as of value to head office and the brand team. Here’s an example of a dashboard to accelerate delegate recruitment for events and webinars and it all about making the rep’s job easier and delivering clear next best actions without the need to turn to AI or complex business rules.Recruitment MyInsights

Recruiting for events is hard at the best of times, but with the digital pollution and every man and dog running online events for HCPS, it is going to be a key challenge in 2021 and beyond. By giving real-time insights into recruitment progress the reps are motivated to achieve their target and have a direct, clear call to action. Displaying target customers, categorised by invitation status and listed oldest first the rep has clear set of next best actions to ensure maximum attendance at their event. With recent updates to the MyInsights module we can now also enable the rep to take action directly from the dashboard.

3. Customer segmentation and engagement excellence

Okay, so let’s head a bit further off-piste and get creative with a customer segmentation and content performance visualisation dashboard. Customer segmentation programme can often fall over at the implementation stage. We put a lot of time, energy and resource into identifying our customer segments, their beliefs and the drivers that will move them along the adaptation ladder, but how well does this translate to the field, what can we do to help a rep act on this knowledge as well as measure what is actually working in real life.


By tagging CLM content VAE links we can track content trends and present it against customer segments then overlay the recommended split and approach to better enable reps and their area managers in planning their approach to these customer segments.

4. Measuring and shifting HCP brand alignment

Here is another example of tracking behavioural change amongst our HCP customer, this time via integration with the Veeva survey function. Using customer and territory level visualisations of customer responses to a brand alignment survey we can both highlight areas of concern and track positive shifts over time.Territory MyInsights

By linking belief gaps to content effective in closing those gaps we can help the rep take effective next best actions as well as track the impact that content sharing has on better aligning customer beliefs to brand values.

5. Buying signals dashboard

When I think back to my days as a rep 27 some odd years ago, my “CRM” tools consisted of a leather Filofax and slab like laptop running excel, so I could only have dreamt of a tool that would alert me to the next best selling opportunity on my territory. Dashboard

By tracking, aggregating and scoring customer activity on company hosted websites, educational portals and interaction with CLM, VAE and Vault hosted content we can build a territory level picture of potential for the field teams as well as suggest next best actions for customer engagement.

I hope those examples have inspired and motivated you to explore the potential of the MyInsights tool.

So what do I do now?

If you want to empower your reps in real time, get in touch with a Veeva CRM MyInsights approved developer to evaluate feasibility and pull together a roll-out plan.

Here are our tips to help you achieve the full potential of Veeva CRM MyInsights:

  1. Define each target audience and map out the key points in your business processes: This will help you identify the business processes that would benefit from an additional level of insight.
  2. Proactively survey sales, training, marketing, medical teams, business informatics and other relevant stakeholders: This will help you establish the most important information they need so that your first set of reports are ready to go on launch day.
  3. Engage with your users early and involve them in the co-creation process to ensure the dashboard you produce is intuitive and engaging: This will make sure dashboard is a “go to:” tool for the field team and will help ensure they are even more effective in their territory planning, key account management and 1:1 calls with their customers.

To learn more about Veeva CRM MyInsights, drop me an email or give me a call on 07714 3227986 and let’s discuss how twentyeightb can help you maximise the potential of Veeva CRM MyInsights for brad success and selling effectiveness.